At first the Biochemistry section was attached with department of Physiology. It was reorganized in 1949 after amalgamation with chemistry section under Prof R. K. Baruah and Dr R.L. Nath. Late Dr R.K. Baruah was the architect for the present Bio-Chemistry department and Dr R Hussain was the first Medical Demonstrator to join the department in 1954. After Prof. R. K. Baruah left to join Gauhati University, Dr. J. N. Baruah, Dr. A. K. Saikia and subsequently Dr R Hussain joined as Professor. MD in Bio-chemistry was started in 1970. The research work of Prof. R. Hussain on different aspects of Iron metabolism has been incorporated in several text books. After Prof. R. Hussain, Dr. G. C. Baruah joined as Professor and Head of the Department. When Prof. G. C. Baruah assumed charge of Principal 1997, Dr. B. Begum joined as the Professor & Head of Department. After retirement of Dr. B. Begum, Dr. Dilip Sharma became the Head of the Department in 2002. Presently the department is headed by Dr. (Mrs) R. Changkakoty who took charge in Aug 2003.




Ex Professor & Head of the Department of Biocheistry


Late Prof. R. K. Baruah
Late Prof. R. Hussain


Late Prof. G. C. Baruah
Prof. Bilkish Begum
Prof. Dilip Kr. Sharma
Prof. Rita Changkakoti
Prof. Rohini Kanta Goswami
Prof. Kailash Bhattacharyya
Prof. Monigopa Das

                                                                List of the current Faculty Members of the Department of Biochemistry


Prof. Syeda Mohsina Rohman
Prof. & Head
Prof. Monigopa Das
Dr. Rashmi Rajkakati
Associate Professor
Dr. Alaka Das
Associate Professor
Dr. Sajida Sultana Rahman
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bipul Kr. Talukdar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shabnam Borborah
Dr. Salma Ahmed
Dr. Pratim Gupta
Dr. Meenakshi Saikia
Dr. Binod Kr. Gohain

Non-Faculty Members/Other Staff


Sri Debojit Sharma
Sri Janak Das
Laboratory Technician
Smt. Monima Gogoi
Laboratory Technician
Sri Madhab Mech
Laboratory Technician
Sri Jugananda Saikia
Laboratory Technician
Sri Mondeep Thapa
Laboratory Technician
Sri Happy Chetia
Laboratory Technician
Sri Satyajit Changmai
Laboratory Technician
Sri Wahidur Rahman
Laboratory Technician
Smt. Namita Taye
Laboratory Technician
Sri Rubul Mech
Laboratory Boy
Sri Lakhan Chetia
Laboratory Boy
Smt. Ramdevi Balmiki
Sri Horen Sonowal






23-05-18 (Guest Lecture)


Dr. Swati Bhattacharyya


04-04-2019 (CME )

Addressing lab challenges through integration

  1. Dr. K. Cheirmaraj, Scientist of Johnson & Johnson Company.
  2. Mr. Ranajeet Das, Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Company.
  3. Dr. Shakiba Shah, Demonstrator of Biochemistry Department, AMCH, Dibrugarh. 

04-06-2019 (CME)

Sensitization on implementation of new curriculum on medical science for MBBS & Post Graduate students 

1. Dr. Ramesh Pradhan

Professor & HOD of Biochemistry GCS Medical College Ahmadabad

2. Dr. Dilutpal Sharma

Associate Professor & In-Charge of Biochemistry Department KGMU, Lucknow (UP)




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