List of Heads of the Department Till Date


Dr Nakul Chandra Sarma
Retired  Professor & Head
Dr D.C Dowerah
Retired  Professor
Dr S.C Gohain
Retired  Professor & Head & Vice Principal
cum Addl Chief Superintendent, AMCH
Dr Nripen Gogoi
Retired Professor & Head
Dr Biren Dutta
Retired Professor
Dr Rudra kanta Gogoi
Retired Professor & Head

















List of Current Faculties

Dr (Mrs) Mary. H. Bhuyan
Professor & Head
Dr (Mrs.) Pronami Borah
Dr Dhurbajyoti Borpatragohain
Associate Professor
Dr P.N Taye
Assistant Professor
Dr Lipee Nath
Assistant Professor
Dr Chenghom Thoumoung
Assistant Professor
Mr Hari Prasad Changmai
Mr Munin Neog
Mrs Dipali Taye
Mr Lohit Mech
Mr Pankaj Gogoi
Mr Aditya Dutta
Raju Baishya
D. R Assistant
Ganesh Changmai
Mr Dipak Dihingia
4th Grade
Mr Indrakanta Saikia
4th Grade
Mr Brojen Neog
Mr Bikash Deori
Mr Niren Gogoi
4th Grade
Mr Dandeswar Deori
Mr Subhash Bordoloi
Mr Anil Nahar
Mr Partha Protim Saikia
Mr Jagarnath Pathak
4th Grade
Mr Sailen Gogoi
Mr Parash Nath Rout
Seminars, conferences and workshops organized- Mid term CME and workshop Breast Imaging Society Of India, April 2019.
Dr Pronami Borah
Associate Professor

1    Giant intrathoracic  pluel lipoma. A case report. JEMDS, issue 94 yr 2017

2    Correlation of Carotid intimo medial thickness withy diseases activity in ankylosing spondylitis. International journal of cotemporary medical research.section: medicine ISSN (online):2393-915x; print:2454-7379/ICV:98.46/volume 7/ issue 4th April 2020

3    Autosomal Recessive polycystic kidney disease with congenital hepatic fibrosis- A case Report. Evolution  Med. Dent.Sci./EISSN- 2278-4802, pISSN-2278-4748/vol.7/issue 44/Oct.29,2018

Dr Lipee Nath
Associate Professor

1    A rare case of a giant Retroperitoneal Teratoma in an Adolescent; A case Report. IOSR journal of Dental and Medical Science, volume 19, issue1 Se. 4(January, 2020 ), PP18-22

2    Predictive value of cerebroplacental ratio by Doppler ultrasonography in evolution of Perinatal outcome in high risk Pregnancies. Scholars journal of Applied medical Science, Volume 1, Issued 1, p458-462,15.2.2020

Dr (Mrs) Mary.H. BhuyanProfessor

1    How accurate is MRI in Prediction of Musculoskeletal tumors- A prospertive evaluation 10.7439 IJBR V6 112.2804, 30th Dec 2015

2    Various presentation of multiple myeloma: a care aries . DOI: 10.7439/ijbr. V6i7.2284(2015)

3    MRI diagnoses of 2 cases of fibrolipomatosis hematoma of the median nerve with HP correlation
DOI: 10.14 260/jemds/2015/1627


Assessment of short term sequelae in subject with Japanese encephalitis By MRI Name Of PI: Dr Pronami Borah (Assoc Professor)
Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis in treatment pulmonary tuberculosis patient- a hospital based cross sectional study Name Of Co PI: Dr Pronami Borah  (Assoc Professor)
systemic study of acute encephalitis syndrome in north eastern states of India for clinical aetiological & epidemiological aspects Name of Co PI: Dr Pronami Borah (Assoc Professor)
A rapid screening tool for breast cancer using diffuse optical tomography Name Of PI: Dr Pronami Borah (Assoc Professor)


Evaluation of Musculoskeletal tumours detected by magnetic resonance imaging against histopathological correlation Name Of PI: Dr (Mrs) Mary.H. Bhuyan Date of Starting:2014 Date of Completion: 2017